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What's the true value of your business? How much can you expect to sell it for?

How to Increase The Value of Your Business

Do you know what it would take to get a 10%, 20%, or 30% increase in your business's value? It might be easier than you think.
Whether you start now or two years from now, it takes two to three years to prepare your business for a sale and get top dollar. Is your company ready?

What Is Included in a Business Valuation

Logan Kirby business valuations estimate not only the value of your business today, they also include the top 10 recommendations you can implement to increase that value.
A valuation creates more informed business strategies and financial goals. It leads to improved bottom line profitability and increased revenue. A good valuation process compares your company to similar companies and best practices. If you want to know how your company compares to others in your industry, it's time to start the valuation process.


Evelyn has been an outstanding resource for my company and me; firming up and furtherdefining our office, business, and marketing strategies and process.  We now have a conciseand coherent marketing strategy with well-defined tactics that we’ve adopted moving forward;and we’ve vastly matured, developed, and enhanced our internal office roles and procedures. We’re a much leaner, stronger defined, and focused company moving into the future; andhaving Evelyn work with us was absolutely essential in getting us to that end result.

Michelle Irons, Broker/OwnerPhoenix Realty & Property Management, Inc.

An Accurate Assessment of Your Business Is Vital

Without an accurate estimate of your company’s net worth, you have a gap between what you think your business is worth and what it would actually sell for. Logan Kirby assesses the real value of your business and assets.

Two Hours Is All It Takes

Our M&A consultants will guide you through a quick and easy due diligence review using Quist Insights Business Valuation software. In less than two hours, this exercise will reveal strengths, weaknesses, and the business drivers that impact your value.
After the assessment, we will give you a list of recommendations to implement in your business to increase its value. The valuation and recommendations form the foundation for next steps--if you choose to take them--on building a plan to increase the value of your business.
Whether planning an exit strategy, preparing to sell, or looking for additional funding, an accurate assessment of your business's worth is vital.

Drivers That Create Your Business Value

● Strategy● Organization● Employees● Customers● Financials● ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance)

Steps of a Business Valuation & Sale

    Perform a business valuation
    Implement valuation recommendations to increase company value
    Due diligence: collect and analyze documents needed for the sale
    Update the valuation of the company
    Calculate projected net cash available and future earning potential
    Update the valuation of the company
    Business Broker brings buyers to the table
    Determine best offer and after-tax liquidity
    Close the sale and begin the next phase of your life

What makes a business saleable?

● Profitability● Owner is working on their business vs. in their business● Client concentration is low: many clients, not just a few● Business is bankable● Sellers are realistic about their selling price● Processes are in place and documented to run the business● Clean office and grounds● Predictable revenue● Low employee turnover● Growth opportunity● Business is scalable● Clean financials that match the tax returns using accounting software● Fair landlord● Motivated seller who is ready for the next phase of their life

Who needs to be on your team?

● Banker● Tax Specialist● Wealth Manager● Business Attorney● Insurance Advisor● Owners / Partners● Business Broker● M&A Specialist

Want to know what your business is worth?

Contact us to find what your business is worth now and how to increase its value.

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