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You Can’t Work On Your Business If You’re Always Working In It

If you feel like you can't gain any traction on your strategic initiatives, (or maybe even create a strategic plan) then it's time to consider executive coaching. Logan Kirby Executive Coaching can help you peel away the chaff that's keeping you from the gold in your business.
During executive coaching sessions, we walk through your current issues and create strategies to remove barriers between you and real progress.
We have a diagnostic, one-on-one approach to evaluate and determine the issues preventing you from reaching your full potential. And together, we develop the kind of coping mechanisms and real-world strategies that produce immediate results. No cookie-cutter remedies, just proprietary solutions designed for your personal benefit.

How Coaching Works

Regular Meetings

Generally, we meet every other week for six months, diligently working through your pain points and the vision you want to achieve. Sessions are booked through Zoom teleconferencing, making it convenient for your schedule. Clients find that having a regularly-scheduled meeting forces them to prioritize working on their business rather than just in it.

Clear Steps

During the meeting, we focus on one or two areas for improvement and discuss your roadblocks and potential solutions. By the end of the session, you have clarity around what you need to do and the concrete next steps you need to take. Of course, I am available for questions between meetings, but the coaching sessions are where we do the bulk of our work together.


If you got a firm hold of just one area of your business that is currently challenging you, how much impact would that have on your life? Now imagine getting a grip on all aspects of your business to move it forward to your vision? That's the results we have achieved for our clients.

As a business coach myself, I thought I could do it all and guide myself to greatness . . . but I was wrong. I found myself falling behind and not executing on the right actions. I was confused, overwhelmed and getting lost in all the "noise" around me. Evelyn helped me get clear on my goals and identify the path I needed to take to get there. She helped me to focus and execute on the right tasks and within a few short months I had accomplished more than the entire year before! Evelyn knows how to ask the right questions to unlock your blind spots and push you just enough to get you out of discomfort and into your greatness.

Clara Capano, OwnerCenspire


Common Concerns and Logan Kirby Case Studies

  • "I have five lines of business and I can't prioritize their importance."

    We asked this client three questions. What’s making you the most money? What has the most potential? What do you love about each sector? Once those three questions were answered, the client dropped two lines of business and reallocated resources to another. His business soared.

  • "I can't focus and my mind wanders, what should I do?"

    We recommended that the client try the Pomodoro Technique: https://francescocirillo.com/pages/pomodoro-technique  
    It’s so simple, decide what your goal is, turn off your phone and email, set a timer for 25 minutes, concentrate on that one goal for 25 minutes and “ding," it’s done. Take a break. A few of these a day will wipe away that to-do list.

  • "My boss witnessed a personal argument in an email."

    What's done is done, but you can learn from it. Adhere to the old adage, “Never write anything in your diary that you don’t want the world to see." It’s advice that applies to the emails of today. Never argue across company emails, texts, or chats. Pick up the phone or speak with the person face-to-face.

  • "My CFO can't deliver on a deadline I need. Do I fire him?"

    We suggested to this client that she put together a list of the most important data points and investigate what was in the CFO's way of getting that information out by the 15th of the month. Sometimes it’s the 80/20 rule. We can get 80% of what we need with 20% of the effort. This strategy worked.

  • "I'm just stuck!"

    You’re probably just committed to certain patterns of behavior because they helped you in the past. Now those behaviors have become more harmful than helpful. The reason you can’t move forward is because you keep applying the old formula to a new level of your life. Change the formula to get a different result.

  • "My staff just isn't producing, what should I do?

    We went through a diagnostic review and found there was no organization chart, no coaching, no supervision, the owner was just expecting the work to get done. We developed an org chart, roles, and responsibilities, more direction to staff, weekly updates and coaching. There was an immediate turn around.

  • "I keep emailing my staff, but things aren't getting done."

    There are so many stories about communication gone bad, but the answer is generally one of three options: 1) pick up the phone and talk with them, 2) pick up the phone and talk with them, and you guessed it, 3) pick up the phone and talk with them. It’s surprising how many challenges can be handled by talking with the employee, the partner, the vendor, the customer. This opposed to a third or fourth email that only complicates things further.

  • "I'm unsure of the future. The world is upside down!"

    Visualize the world a year from now: what does that look like, feel like, and sound like? What will your clients want/need in that world that only you can best provide? Focus on providing that.

  • "I can't figure out what my comptroller does all day."

    We began to solve this by asking what the controller was doing wrong. “We aren’t making enough money. She’s in control of the financials.” Ok. What if we increase the margins so they’re larger than the cost to manufacture the product? That would also make the bottom line a positive number. They did, and the controller wasn’t fired.

  • "We've just had a crisis. What's our first move?"

    Write down the top 25 things you think need to be done. Categorize them as A: immediate and absolutely required (important and urgent); B: important/not urgent, and C: not important, not urgent.
    A: Assign the task immediately with daily follow up. In the Aim, Fire, Recalibrate mode.
    B: Put a plan in place, assign the task with weekly follow up. In the Ready, Aim, Fire mode.
    C: Do nothing, leave it on the list so you know it’s a C and don’t keep revisiting it.

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