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Unlock The True Potential of Your Business

We help companies like yours evaluate operations, management, and business processes. We then create and implement a comprehensive, proprietary growth plan to improve cash flow, profitability, and enhance your all-important bottom line. As a trusted resource for over 30 years, Logan Kirby has developed strategic, grounded, and visionary plans for dozens of small to medium-sized businesses. Book a one-hour, introductory meeting to discover your organization's true potential.

Executive Coaching

As a business owner, your time management matters more than any of your employees. And while day-to-day oversight is necessary and meaningful, it’s not nearly as important as managing your company’s strategic direction.
For business owners and CEO’s, executive coaching can help you unlock your untapped capacity to meet the challenges of your organization. Logan Kirby provides an unbiased, outside perspective that both evaluates your strengths and weaknesses, while creating actionable steps to help you reach peak efficiency.
With executive coaching, you can improve communications, change your perspective, solve problems, and discover the missed opportunities holding you back.
Read some of our client testimonials to learn how our executive coaching has impacted other businesses.

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Business Valuations

Have you ever wondered what your business is worth? Do you know what it would take to get a 10%, 20%, 30% increase in value? It might be easier than you think.
Whether you start now or two years from now, it takes two to three years to prepare your business for a sale and get top dollar. Is your company ready?
Logan Kirby business valuations estimate not only the value of your business today, they include the top-10 recommendations you can implement to increase that value.
A valuation creates more informed business strategies and financial goals. A valuation leads to improved bottom line profitability and increased revenue. A good valuation process compares your company to similar companies and best practices. Do you want to know how your company compares?

Business Planning

For business owners, the stress of meeting payroll and bottom-line profitability is a constant concern. But without an updated business plan, anxiety and fear can override your decision-making process. And problems become much more complicated.
Having a business plan in place is vital to stabilizing your operation. Using a collaborative approach that’s strategic, visionary and grounded, Logan Kirby will deliver a proprietary roadmap for your organization. Your new multi-faceted business plan will include actionable items and the steps necessary to ensure a successful path forward.
Business plans are unique to each client. Whether three pages or a two-inch thick binder, your strategic plan will address sales, marketing, finance, employees, processes and operations. And you’ll have the guidebook necessary to restore your confidence and peace of mind.

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Business Consulting

We help businesses improve and document their processes, scale, and increase profits. Here are the benefits of engaging with us:

    Reduced Stress
    Increased Company Value
    Increased Personal Wealth
    More Free Time
    Peace of Mind
    Greater Cash Flow

Client Feedback

Garett M. Brownlee Plantz

Interim Executive Director I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County

"Evelyn Logan was introduced to me during a time of large transition - both as I stepped into an Interim Executive Director role, as well as responding to COVID-19. What she did for me in this time was build confidence in what I did know, and validate my skill set where I felt shaky. She gave me perspective on problem solving, and tangible tools to manage the unprecedented. Her guidance was warm, accepting, and yet allowed me to look at my own practices with critique and care. She always made time for me, allowed me to ask questions and seek feedback, and most importantly, I felt her care for me and my work. She is an exemplary coach for any executive, founded in profound experience and expertise."

Michelle Irons

Phoenix Realty & Property Management, Inc.

"Evelyn has been an outstanding resource for my company and me; firming up and further defining our office, business, and marketing strategies and process. We now have a concise and coherent marketing strategy with well-defined tactics that we’ve adopted moving forward; and we’ve vastly matured, developed, and enhanced our internal office roles and procedures. We’re a much leaner, stronger defined, and focused company moving into the future; and having Evelyn work with us was absolutely essential in getting us to that end result. "

Lorna Donovan

Founder, Leader Trends Inc.

"Here’s what I know about a professional relationship that has evolved over 20 years: Evelyn will always value our time; work hard to improve our outcomes; be upfront about our shortcomings (common mistakes people make); and give advice from a point of view as if she were a team contributor. "

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