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Business Planning Sessions

Those strategic steps often start with goals. Together, we create SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Unclear goals are one of the biggest stumbling blocks to performance. Per Zig Ziglar, “A goal properly set is halfway reached.”
However, unlike the way most people approach business planning with a one-and-done style, we continue to make strategic goals that are tied to the vision you have for your business.

Sales, Marketing & Finance

We look at your business from several angles. Our collaborative sessions help you achieve the best scenarios for sales, marketing, and financial strategy, including the accurate level of resources and employees needed to get the job done right. All of your desired outcomes will be tracked through a system of key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure you stay on track.

Your Business Is As Good As Your Plan

Business planning is essential for your to scale and succeed, but when you're busy running your organization, it can be difficult to make a plan, execute it, and measure the results. We know. We help business owners like you chart a course and reach their dreams every day.

How We Start Your Business Plan

We start with the simplest of questions: what problems do you solve for your clients? Your answer kick-starts a process that can redefine and reinvigorate your business. Logan Kirby reviews your existing business plan, your current ideas, and then maps out the strategic steps necessary to meet your company goals.


My experience with Evelyn includes her taking the lead in turning around two businesses that I am involved with. One is a medical practice and the other is a property management company.In both turnaround situations, Evelyn quickly analyzed the issues that each business was struggling with. She then worked with management to develop action plans for them to become functional again. Her in-depth knowledge of key financial indicators helped us evaluate both risks and opportunities for each of these businesses. She helped us develop revenue projections for various alternative strategies and outcomes.

Allen Goldstone, PresidentCreative Business LLC

Outsourced CFO

With multiple business operations, it can be difficult to track those that are profitable and those that aren’t.

As your outsourced CFO, Logan Kirby specializes in reviewing your books, handling accounting for your various enterprises, and providing the accurate management reporting you need to best manage each line of business.

Financial Advisory Services

Our services run from bank reconciliations to financial modeling and cash flow forecasting. We document all findings in a consolidated accounting playbook which tracks the consistency of our processes so that any bookkeeper can perform the tasks.

We prepare your data in the format requested by your tax preparation CPA and wealth advisor. We also maintain a list of trusted CPAs and wealth advisors for referrals, if requested.